Electromagnetic Lock 500kg, 12/24V DC

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Electromagnetic Lock 500kg, 12/24V DC

The electromagnetic locks of EDT series, are generally used to hold closed security doors, emergency exits, panic doors, access and transit in general. They are widely used associated with different access control technologies.

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Cena 4 539,27 Kč bez DPH
5 492,52 Kč    
Kód produktu EDT500N001
Značka ELFRI
Kategorie Elektromagnetické zámky
Electromagnetic Lock 500kg, 12/24V DC

Typical application for swing doors.


  • Models EDT150, EDT300, EDT500, EDT600 and EDT750 are electromagnets used for mounting on the surface of the door frame
  • Models equipped with status sensor with relay and contact N.C. and N.O. and two-colour LED to indicate the state
  • All electrical connections are made directly to the exposed wires/terminal
  • The keeper plate position is monitored by the status sensor, which discriminates whether it is attached or not to the electromagnet when it is powered
  • Standard power supply: 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc programmed directly on the electromagnet



  • Direct (standard inst.) or with additional brackets
Hmotnost 4.8 kg
Napětí 12V DC, 24V DC
Přídržná síla 500 kg
Rozměr elektromagnetu 270x76x40 mm
Rozměr přídržné.desky 185x61x16.5 mm
Proudové zatížení 12VDC - 450mA, 24VDC - 255mA

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